Edgar ceased trading as "Danube Research" in January 2007. From January 2007 until October 2010 Edgar was the Port Director of Giurgiulesti International Free Port (privately owned and operated by ICS Danube Logistics SRL) - the Republic of Moldova's only port on the Maritime Danube. Edgar joined Infospectrum Ltd as Head of Infospectrum Central & Eastern Europe in October 2010 and is therefore available once more for research and consultancy work in the field of inland waterways, ports and shipping.



Edgar Martin - Central & Eastern European inland waterways and shipping specialist
(formerly trading as "Danube Research")

Edgar Martin offers expertise in issues of transport and navigation on the River Danube, he has also worked extensively on neighbouring rivers, especially the Dnistr (Dniestr / Dniester / Dnister / Nistru) and Dnepr (Dnieper / Dnipro), and on the Black Sea.

Edgar Martin offers…

2000: Edgar Martin speaking with the Romanian President on the subject of NATO's bombing of the Danube   2004: Edgar Martin live on BBC World television news discussing new opportunities for the Danube   2005: Edgar Martin on the front page of Ukrainian national newspaper "Moriak" ("Seafarer")

(left) Edgar Martin with the then President of Romania, His Excellency Emil Constantinescu, discussing the impact of the NATO bombing of the Danube
(middle) Edgar Martin live on BBC World television discussing opportunities for Danube transport in new member states of the European Union
(right) Edgar Martin’s visit to the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP / UDASCO) in Izmail (Izmayil) makes front page news

Example Danube projects involved with:

: BSc (Hons) Maritime Business with Maritime History (Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth); PhD "The involvement of non-riparian states with the continuing development of Danube navigation and transport" [underway] (Transport Research Institute, Napier University)

Past employment
: Maritime Transport Research; Brittany Ferries; S.N.A.T. / Railfreight Distribution; Associated British Ports; British Waterways

Membership: IVR (European inland vessel registry and representation); PIANC (International Navigation Association); PYNDA (Plymouth Nautical Degrees Association); IAME (International Association of Maritime Economists)

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